Withdrawal Policy


Human Race Transfers, Withdrawals and Refunds Policy

We understand that your event entry fee is important to you and you would not want to lose your money. Therefore, we have created a withdrawals policy which allows us and you to be as flexible with your event entry as possible, without it affecting the event setup process.

From the moment we begin to organise an event, we start to incur costs. Your entry fee is invested in the cost of staging the event – everything from risk assessments and safety measures, barriers to toilets, from printing to safety pins, from event numbers to marketing and the VAT man. Organising any event requires a considerable amount of forward planning, risk and expense. Each event may have its own withdrawal policy, but the general rules are as follows:


Withdrawals: If you notify us via email within 14 days of the original order, a full refund (less the booking fee) will be provided. For some events, if you notify us via email 3 months prior to the race date, we will allow a refund (less 20% admin fee). All withdrawals must be done by emailing the Customer Services team at races@humanrace.co.uk.


Transfers between people: Race entries are transferable between people for a fee of £10, log in to your profile at mydashboard.timeto.com (using the same email address and password that you used to register with) and select “transfer the registration to another athlete” until the stated transfer deadline.

Please note: once you select to transfer your entry to another person, they will receive an email to accept the transfer. The new participant needs to complete the registration process, including payment. This payment will also include any price increases to event entry. Once this has been completed, the original participant will receive the refund, less the £10 transfer fee.

Transfers to a different race: Race entries are sometimes transferable to a different race which is currently open – also access via your profile at mydashboard.timeto.com. Select the “change event category” option, also for a fee of £10, until the stated transfer deadline.

If the new event is at a higher price than the original booking, the participant will pay the price difference. No refunds will be given if the new event is at a lower price.

*Cycling and running events can have up to a 6 week cut off due to event pack mail out schedules. Because we post cycling and running event packs out, the data has to be prepared far in advance. Past 6 weeks, your pack will be on its way to you and you are fully recognised as an event participant. At this stage we are sorry but we will be unable to offer any refund.

Event deferrals: Unfortunately, we cannot offer deferrals to the following year unless next year’s event is currently open for entries.

Event deferrals for the Manchester Marathon 2022 include a £20 transfer fee plus a small booking fee between December 1st 2021 and January 21st 2022.


If you have purchased a Season Pass (2 or 3 Dorney events together) you can transfer to another event / another person by following the processes below.

If you wish to withdraw from the event and notify us within 14 days, all events within your Season Pass will be cancelled and fully refunded (excluding booking fee). We are not able to cancel and refund 1 event within your booking due to the discount you have received.

Discount codes: Unfortunately, if a discount code is not used at time of purchase, no retrospective discounts can be applied.

We offer what we believe is a clear and easy process for everyone and keeps administration to a minimum. We think it is a fair policy and hope you do too.

Human Race Team 
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