Marathon Minutes: Tackling the Long Run

We are delighted to announce the launch of ‘Marathon Minutes’, a series of insightful training tips and advice presented by local Mancunian running clubs. Over the upcoming weeks, we’ll be sharing valuable 60-second snippets to guide you on your journey towards conquering the epic 26.2-mile challenge.

Kicking off the series, our first training video is presented by Snappy Runners’ very own Charlie and Harley. They’ll be sharing expertise on ‘Tackling the Long Run.’ Get ready for a wealth of knowledge to enhance your marathon training experience. Stay tuned for more Marathon Minutes to help you achieve your running goals.

Coming soon to Marathon Minutes are the following training topics:

  • What is a Tempo Run? | How Tempo Workouts Benefit Marathon Training
  • How to Warm Up Before a Run | Dynamic Warm Up Drill ‘Dance’
  • Marathon Running Tips | Beginner Friendly Marathon Preparation Tips and Advice
  • How To Taper for a Marathon | Tips for Your Taper ‘Game Plan’
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