SteelMan Triathlon 2016

Olympic Triathlon: 1.5km Swim, 42.4km Bike, 10km Run
Challenge Triathlon: 1000m Swim, 31.8km Bike, 7.5km Run
Sprint Triathlon: 750m Swim, 21.2km Bike, 5km Run
Sprint Triathlon Relay: 750m Swim, 21.2km Bike, 5km Run
Aquathlon: 500m Swim, 5km Run
Aquathlon: 1000m Swim, 10km Run
AquaBike: 1000m Swim, 21.2km Bike
AquaBike: 1500m Swim, 42.4km Bike

These results are provisional, and any queries should be sent to our Results Crew. These are compiled and any changes are shown in the final results here around a week after the event.