Vote – Should Banana Tri be renamed?

2nd February 2023

The Human Race Dorney Lake Triathlon Series returns in 2023, consisting of three events across the year. Those who wish to take part have until Wednesday 8th February to sign up for a reduced early price.

One subject annually provokes ripened debate, and now we are looking to settle it conclusively. Should the middle event be called Banana Tri when it returns on Saturday 1st July?

Banana Tri (previously BananaMan) has been part of the line-up for over a decade, but tales about the origin of the name now the stuff of urban legend, passed down through transition gossip, and properly niche internet forums. To clarify, bananas play little to no part in the event itself, although they are usually given out, presumably to try and find justification for the name.

Hear the arguments and place your vote on the official website.