The Off-Road Series hits mid-way point with 800 racers tackling the perfectly named IceMan

7th February 2015

With sub-zero temperatures, an arctic-like wind chill and crisp, icy terrain, there was little doubt that the second event in Human Race’s 2014/15 Off-Road Race Series was going to live up to its name.

There were three disciplines to choose from, the 11km run, 16km run or the duathlon consisting of a 10km run, 18km bike and 5km run all around the Army Training Ground in Frimley, Surrey. One of the unique aspects of the Series is that dogs are welcomed on the course too and can often be found taking their owners for a run around the course.

scottys little soldiers

The event village was a hub of activity before the race with catering vans galore, Zipvit in the hands of every competitor, dogs wrapping themselves around as many ankles as they could find, CEP compression gear being sported by numerous racers and event charity partner Scotty’s Little Soldiers with a marquee full of stash.

The Off-Road Series hits mid-way point with 800 racers tackling the perfectly named IceMan2

The first racer off the start line was the Human Race ice cream who was given a three minute head start on the 10km trail-run racers with the pack aiming to catch up and overtake in order to claim a sweet treat at the finish! The runners, who were faced with treacherous hills, icy verges and muddy bogs, eventually came out on top with Susie Chan (51:58) and Richard Bull (45:22) crossing the finish line first in the 11km and Alvaro Rodriguez Baños (1:06:24)Gail Walker (1:12:29) with her dog in tow topping the tables of the 16km.

As the first trail-running athletes were coming through the finish zone, the hardy, seasoned duathletes set off in to the woodland. A gruelling, mentally and physically challenging course awaited them but dedication and athletic prowess paid off. Callum Hughes led the men across the finish line with a time of 1:50:12 followed by Louise Fox a short time after in 2:08:04.

The lucky winners were provided with CEP Sports compression socks among other prizes whilst all racers found that the Zipvit Chocolate Protein Bars of the finish line went down a treat.

To experience an Off-Road Series event for yourself, sign up for one of the few remaining places at MudMan on March 7th in the MOD grounds in Camberley.