Teams choose Mates Waves to start and finish together

16th May 2016

Racing with friends and competing outside of the traditional age categories have become increasingly popular in triathlon as organisers have seen a huge increase in people choosing Mates Wave. In recent years organisers Human Race have introduced Mates Waves (allowing triathletes to start alongside friends and family regardless of age, gender and ability) to their triathlons at Dorney Lake, with them quickly becoming a firm favourite.

This year 60% of those taking part in the Nuffield Health Eton SuperSprints on Saturday 21st May have chosen to start in a Mates Wave. In 2015 that number was only 45%, and the balance has altered massively since 2013 when only 23% chose to compete in this manner.

Human Race have increasingly seen entrants keen to use triathlon as part of an active social event, rather than a straight individual race, so it makes sense that more people are choosing to swim, cycle and run as a group. There is often a great deal of camaraderie at the Human Race triathlons already and as so many of the competitors will train together, starting the race together in a Mates Wave has become unsurprisingly popular.

Mates Waves are available at the following Human Race Events in 2016:

Nick Rusling, CEO of Human Race, said “Triathlon continues to evolve and we are happy to cater for the growing number of people who want to compete outside of the normal age and gender categories. Anything that helps the sport appeal to a larger audience, and drives more participation, has to be a good thing”.

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