BREAKING: Sun shines on the Ballbuster

6th November 2018

Saturday saw the final Human Race event of the year take place at Box Hill, with around 600 participants set to take part in Ballbuster 2018. With the Surrey countryside looking beautiful in the early morning light, the day was full of the promise of many sporting triumphs and it didn’t disappoint!

One of the charms of Ballbuster, an event now in it’s 29th year, is that everyone takes to start line at the same time. The pulsed start saw participants embark on an 8 mile run followed by a 24 mile bike ride and then another 8 mile run. If you are picturing a relaxed, flat plod on a sunny Saturday morning, think again.

By the time they cross the finish line, participants have climbed the notorious Box Hill a leg-cramping 5 times!

We were all blessed however with sunny skies and no rain. If you’ve been to Ballbuster before you’ll know this is something of a small miracle!

There were huge successes in the results as well. The quickest time by an individual male athlete was set by Ben Price who finished in a time of 02:39 – great stuff Ben! The fastest individual women’s time was that of Helena Hayes in a time of 03:13. The fastest overall time of the time was actually 02:36 by Team T.H.E. They flew round the course with a speedy 46:55 first run, 1:06 bike and 41:44 second run.

With an event like Ballbuster it’s not just about the times, anyone who manages to complete the challenging course can consider themselves a serious athlete. It was great to see such a good turn out from clubs such as London Fields, Tri Surrey and Thames Turbo.

We’d like to emphasise our gratitude to everyone who came down and helped make this great event just a little bit greater!

And that’s it! Ballbuster is over for another year. We wish you a very happy 2019 and would love to see you at next year’s event. Just a reminder that we are always striving to improve this event so we’d really appreciate your feedback, plus fill out survey here and you’ll automatically be in with a chance to win some great prizes!

Full results for the Ballbuster Duathlon can be found here. The 2019 Human Race calendar will be announced soon – for more details visit the Human Race website here.