“I heard it through the banana-line!” Our teams theories behind how the Banana Tri got its fruity name

29th June 2023

*Ring, ring, ring, ring*


“Yellow. Banana phone here. Urgent business. I’m calling to settle a series of swirling rumours from the Human Race team, which concern how the Banana Triathlon got it’s fun ‘n fruity name”.

“Oh yes? Well, I can squash those rumours into sweet pulp if you’d like but – ”

“- but what?”

“Well… I’d need the truth. How exactly did the Banana Tri get it’s name?”

“You mean you don’t know?”.


“Well I don’t know either!”

“But you’ve worked here for 5 years!”

“I’m a banana!”

“Right. Well look, we need an official line. For marketing purposes. And the local press. Let’s just pick one of the team’s theories behind the name”.

“OK. Good plan. Let’s just pick the best of the bunch”.

“Who knows, one of them could be true! Let’s hear them, choose one, and say we’ve split the truth from the rumours…”

Our team’s Banana Tri name theories – which one should Banana Phone and anonymous colleague pick to put the rumours to rest?

Theory 1 (Adam from Operations)

“Danny who used to work in finance always said it happened back in the 90s, when a participant dressed as a banana won the event. Imagine being overtaken by a banana…”

Theory 2 (Giovanni from Partnerships)

“I heard that it happened the year Woolworth’s shut down. The local branch in Eton had so many Pic n mix foam bananas to get rid of that they donated them to the food stations at the triathlon. They went down such a treat that the name stuck!”

Theory 3 (Ellie from Marketing)

“I believe the year was 2004. The intern responsible for sorting the music out managed to burn just one song onto the CD (no Apple music back then, kids!) That one song turned out to be Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani. I can still hear the spectators chanting ‘B.A.N.A.N.A.S! Over. And over. And over…”

Theory 4 (Jarlath from Participant Services)

“I’m certain that there was a misunderstanding with a children’s festival one year, who turned up thinking they’d booked the venue for their event. Most of the costume characters went home, but the Banana In Pyjamas duo were keen to run in the triathlon, so we let them. The kids and parents who showed up absolutely loved watching them and they quickly became the heroes who saved their day out. This made us both re-name the event ‘The Banana Tri’ and also provide events for children and youths!”

Theory 5 (Jess from Marketing)

“I just heard that the creator of the Banana Tri was super into the band Bananarama. It’s all they used to listen to on the radio office. When they were unable to get the rights to call the event Bananarama Tri they simply shortened it to Banana Tri!”


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