Human Race team up with Yellow Jersey

28th April 2016


Human Race are always keen to work with those who are passionate and knowledgeable about sport. Now we have teamed up with Yellow Jersey, an insurance company for riders run by people who are passionate about cycling. This partnership is designed to help the thousands of cyclists and triathletes who take part in Human Race events each year get an excellent value deal from a reliable name.

We caught up with Will Leedham from Yellow Jersey to find out more about why they are excited about working with Human Race:

“Why did we choose to work with Human Race? We could have spent our modest budget on magazine ads and website banners, but we’re cyclists and triathletes. We’d much rather be out racing than sitting in an office. Partnering with Human Race was a no brainer with its huge catalogue of events and fantastic reputation, it’s a great opportunity for us to talk to their customers face to face. We have a unique approach to insurance and what better way to communicate it?”

Insurance is essentially based on trust. A customer has to trust that we have their best interests at heart, that we will do everything we can to fulfil our claims promise, and that they aren’t going to be left out of pocket after a theft or a crash.

The team from Yellow Jersey are keen cyclists themselves, most recently taking part in the Lionheart sportive, and have plans to come to as many Human Race Events in 2016 as possible.

“When cyclists and triathletes spot us out competing in the same races as them week after week, they can see for themselves what our company is all about. The people handling all of Yellow Jersey’s claims and answering the customer service inquiries are the same people they were chatting to and riding with at the weekend. If our customers have to claim, they can see for themselves it will be handled by someone who understands racing and understands bikes, and that is very powerful.”

It’s obvious that Yellow Jersey see the conversation with Human Race participants as two way, and they are keen to keep evolving and learning.

“Sponsoring Human Race Events and devoting our time to engaging with their customers also gives us access to a huge focus group. We are always working to improve our product, and having regular access to our core audience means our ideas are constantly explored, tested, and improved – we aren’t here to stand still after all.”

Finally Will explained that the team at Yellow Jersey are not afraid to do things a little differently.

“We have written our own policy in house and taken it to an underwriter we have worked with for 25 years, rather than using a generic policy and modifying it for cyclists and triathletes. This means our product is highly focused, doesn’t skimp on any element of cover, yet can still be delivered at a fantastic price.”

If you are joining us for a Human Race sportive or triathlon in 2016 you are likely to see the distinctive Yellow Jersey team in action.

They provide both bicycle insurance to cover your equipment, and cycle specific travel insurance for riding abroad. They are also the only company to offer both of these as short term or annual products, so weather you need insurance for the year or a single race, they have you covered.

To find out more about their products, visit, or speak to their team on 0333 003 0046.