How could the new Garmin Forerunner 225 help your training?

23rd July 2015

Garmin have released the new Forerunner® 225, the first Garmin GPS watch to measure heart rate at the wrist. If you’re looking to give your training an extra boost, read on to find out how the Forerunner® 225 can help.

July triathlon season here at Human Race has been and gone in a whirlwind of PBs and first-time achievements. We witnessed hundreds of newbies catching the triathlon bug and are looking forward to welcoming everyone back to Dorney Lake in September, when we have a whole host of triathlons lined up for you. From relays (Tri Relays, 6th September) to Olympic distance tris (Diamond Tri, 6th September and HSBC Triathlon, 13th September) we’ve got something for everyone. As with all our triathlon and running events, all participants will have the opportunity to hire a Garmin watch for free, and if you’ve never used one before, you’re missing out! Read on to find out more about their new Forerunner 225 and how it could help your training.

Garmin have launched their first GPS running watch that measures heart rate at the wrist, meaning no more heart rate straps and dodgy connections! Our team of testers at Human Race HQ have being using the new Forerunner 225 to see exactly what it can do. The first thing of note is just how easy it is to use, the colourful interface shows which zone you are working in as well as your beats per minute. It also handily doubles up as a activity tracker allowing you to monitor steps, calories and distance travelled per day. It will soon let you know if you’ve been sat still for too long!

For the more serious athletes among us, it was easy to follow training programs that required set times and distances within certain zones. After entering you basic details the watch can predict your max heart rate (you can also manually enter it if known) and a different colour on the gauge shows you at a glance what zone you are in (warm-up, easy, aerobic, threshold or max HR). You can enter custom, goal-orientated workouts, with vibration alerts letting you know when you’ve reached your desired distance, time and heart rate.

For indoor training it has a build-in accelerometer allowing you to capture accurate distance and pace data without the need of a separate foot pod accessory. If you prefer getting out in the fresh air, then a useful feature is the live tracking, which allows friends and family to see where you are.

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