FUEL10K to provide free breakfasts to all 2017 triathletes

13th March 2017

Fuel10k logoProtein-boosted breakfast range, FUEL10K, will become the official breakfast partner of Human Race triathlons for the 2017 season.

What FUEL10K means for Human Race triathlons this year

FUEL10K produces protein-boosted breakfasts to get you fuelled up and out the door with minimum hassle. As Official Breakfast Partner of Human Race Triathlon, Fuel10K will be providing free protein-boosted breakfasts so you can put focus and energy into the challenge ahead. What’s with the 10K? The theory goes it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become brilliant, 10K hours of dedication. Wherever you’re at on that path, FUEL10K is there for the journey.

Barney Mauleverer, FUEL10K co-founder, said “Human Race is a perfect fit for the FUEL10K philosophy – our brand is all about getting out there and giving it your best shot whether you’re at the beginning of the journey or looking at an Olympic gold, and that’s exactly what Human Race is about. We’re excited to be meeting a lot of people who think the same way we do.”

Athletes’ training offer

FUEL10K are not just there for race day – if you need to fuel your training in preparation for the race, they’ll sort you out with a Breakfast Bundle (a combo of the range) at a massive 25% discount. Use coupon HumanRaceBundle25 on their online shop here.