Confused about hidden costs of flying with your bicycle?

3rd April 2017

YellowJerseyx240Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance recently released an infographic revealing the differences between airlines when flying with your bicycle. Overwhelmed by the positive feedback, they set our sights even higher this time and the infographic has gone global! The new infographic now covers major airlines flying from the UK to the Americas, Africa, Asia and beyond.

With cycling becoming increasingly popular, more and more people are now incorporating the sport into their holidays, from taking part in overseas triathlons to enjoying some family fun on two wheels. This used to be confined to a trip to the Alps or sunny Majorca but these days people are travelling the globe to find new KOMs or to visit a country on two wheels instead of inside a car.

One of the biggest concerns about taking a bicycle on an aeroplane is the risk of damage or even worse, disappearance, and this is often a big trigger for people purchasing bicycle insurance. However, on top of these worries, the hassle and costs of taking a bicycle abroad can be confusing and frustrating.

Every airline seems to handle bicycles in a completely difference way and it can be mind boggling. Some treat your bicycle as luggage, some don’t. Some charge you extra money, some don’t. Some have size and packaging restrictions, some don’t. Knowing this information could have a real impact on which airline you choose to fly with!

Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance have again collaborated with talented designer, Richard Mitchelson “Ritch Mitch” to design this comprehensive guide to the costs and weight allowances for the major airlines flying from the UK to a range of destinations worldwide. It has also been divided into regions for clarity.

The infographics highlight the airlines frequently used by cyclists when travelling to popular cycling destinations. They outline what the weight allowance is for a bicycle and what extra charges should be expected if travelling in economy class.

We hope you find this helpful when planning your next cycling holiday.