5 ‘Top Banana’ reasons to enter the Banana Triathlon 2023

26th June 2023

The humble banana is hard not to love. It’s classic, quirky (banana and bacon pancakes anyone?), healthy and has a sense of fun – which is why it’s a great metaphor for our event, the Banana Triathlon, which takes place on Saturday 1st July this year.

Cherished by banana-enthusiasts and picky eaters alike, the Banana Tri has a special place in the hearts of participants; there really is no other triathlon like it. So, without further ado, here are our ‘best of the bunch’ reasons to sign up to the Banana Tri today!

1) A huge range of options to choose from

The banana triathlon is one of the most accessible triathlons, perfect for budding new-comers and ripened triathletes alike. The banana ‘menu’ consists of a Scootathlon for young children; two shortened triathlon distances for children between 11-14 and 15+ years old; a novice, supersprint, ‘challenge’ and Olympic offering for adults, as well as a duathlon. Don’t say we don’t spoil you! The large range of events over the day also makes for a friendly and inclusive atmosphere, with everyone out to support each other. For more information, including exact distances and prices, click here.

2) Kids can get involved too

Gone are the days when triathlon was exclusive to adults – kids want in too! There are two ‘Banana Split’ events; children between the ages of 11-14 can take on a 200m swim, 5.3km ride and 1.8km run, while those aged 15+ are offered a 250m swim, 5.2km ride and 2.5km run. Not only that – younger kids get involved in the action too; our Scootathlon event gets off to a famously enthusiastic (noisy!) start each year. What better way to introduce your little one to the wonderful world of triathlon?

3) A famous course and location

Dorney Lake holds a significant place in sporting history as the venue for the rowing and canoeing events during the 2012 London Olympics. Our participants get a chance to follow in the footsteps of their Olympic heroes and experience the same world-class facilities that once hosted the best athletes on the planet.

4) Flat and fast

Hands up whose looking to set a blistering triathlon time this year? Lucky for you, Dorney Lake really allows participants to unleash their speed, due to its flat terrain and typically calm and controlled waters. The scenery is also a sight for sore eyes, with the gently rippling lake and picturesque setting in Berkshire.

5) Banana fun!

And last but certainly not least, the Banana triathlon is bursting to the peel with banana-themed fun, including games, merchandise, as well as a surprise freebie for our young bananas. You can even grab a slice of banoffee cheesecake and a mango smoothie from the Lake View Café – perfect for that post-event potassium fix!


We hope to welcome you to what will be a fantastic and fun event on Saturday 1st July. For more information, including how to enter, click here now.