2000 cyclists conquer the Chilterns

16th May 2016

The Chiltern 100 Sportive took place on Sunday 15 May, with close to 2,000 cyclists taking on the notoriously hilly and tough event over either the Medio Fondo (76 miles) route, or the Gran Fondo (110 miles) – with its 2,700m+ of climbing. Last year, the weather contributed to the difficulties that the riders would face over the incredible 22 hills; but this year, as riders came from all around to congregate in the event village at Bovingdon Airfield, the weather was warm and mildly breezy, sunny and clear – ideal for cycling.

ProstateCancerUKx240And what a day it turned out to be! With so many cyclists rising to their own personal challenges and achieving the goals that they’d set themselves. The feeling in the event village after the ride was one of pride and satisfaction. Many were raising much-needed funds for the official event charity, Prostate Cancer UK. They are on course to raise tens of thousands of pounds from the Chiltern 100 to help with all the important, life-saving work that they do. So if you haven’t yet sent round your JustGiving page to your friends and family, or chased up those that promised to sponsor you – then you still have time!

With an event as tough and as testing as the Chiltern 100, especially so early in the season, many riders will have been thankful for the support provided by the official nutrition partner, Science in Sport. Their range of GO gels and drinks were the perfect pre and on-ride tonic for helping our riders find that little bit of extra energy that they didn’t know they still had left in them. Now with this event conquered and in the legs for 2016, many cyclists will be turning their attention to other rides this year, such as the mighty Dragon Ride L’Etape Wales by Le Tour de France on June 3. Or even the slightly closer to home The Telegraph London Cycle Sportive powered by Maserati on June 26. Chiltern 100 participants can use the code: CHILTERN to receive 15% off the London Cycle Sportive as a thank you for taking part.

Chiltern100Sportive-56That spirit of generosity and camaraderie was there for all to experience at the Chiltern 100 on Sunday, as there was a real club vibe which took hold for most of the day. With riders from more than 60 cycling clubs from around the UK represented. Per usual, given that they founded the event and still help with organising, volunteering and route design; it was members of local club Verulam CC who led the way, with more than 150 participants. All clubs can take advantage of Human Race’s group entry scheme though, earning groups entering an event all together 15%-25% off, full details here.

Out on the route the atmosphere was incredibly supportive and friendly. Cyclists were looking out for each other and the marshals were busy shouting encouragement and keeping everyone safe at all the major junctions.

The feedstations were the real hubs – with both sweet and savoury foods on offer. The salted potatoes being a particular fans’ favourite! As well as some much needed GO Isotonic energy gels; GO energy bars and GO electrolyte energy drinks – all provided by official nutrition partner of Human Race, SiS. It was great to have the team from True Start Coffee along too, giving out free coffee for that extra warmth and much needed athlete’s energy boost!

After a long day of cycling and many thousands of combined miles covered by the event participants, the sight of the finish straight was a welcome one for all. Our volunteers were on hand to give out this year’s uniquely designed Chiltern 100, 2016 medal. Followed by the ERDINGER Alkoholfrei team at the finish line too, who were distributing their ever-popular, refreshing and delicious isotonic sports recovery drinks.

Back in the event village after the ride, the sun shone in regal celebration and all were basking in its glory. Many took advantage of the good feelings for the day and bought the limited edition event jerseys, with the route profile stylised on the front and back – remembering what they were part of. Limited number still available here.

Chiltern100Sportive-60Others took the time to enter SWISS‘s huge competition; offering a free cycling holiday to the Cyclosportive Vins du Valais; including all flights, transfers and accommodation for two people, for three days!

On a day when so much went so right for so many; it is important to remember that this isn’t the case for everyone, all the time. So it was good to have Yellow Jersey, our cycling insurance partners on hand to chat about the various ways they can help minimise the impact of misfortune.

To summarise, it must be said that we were spoilt today. Treated to a day of remarkable determination and punctuated by astonishing, personal achievements. The Chiltern 100 of 2016 will long be remembered for the brilliant sunshine; the fantastic sense of unity among cyclists; for the thousands raised for Prostate Cancer UK – but most of all, for that rare thing in sport. That sense of being part of a really special event, so thank you for joining in. Do remember to check out your provisional results, all available here. We’re sure that there are a lot of times in there that people will be very proud of.

For 15% off The Telegraph London Cycle Sportive powered by Maserati (26 June), use code; CHILTERN