The story of the Windsor Triathlon 2015 in 25 tweets

19th June 2015

The 25th Windsor Triathlon took place on Sunday 14th June, with thousands of participants taking part. We asked participants and supporters to tweet using #WindsorTri25 and hundreds of you did!

Unfortunately we cannot feature them all, but here are 25 of our favourites from the weekend. (NB – If you prefer your reports more official, you can find the official race report here)

1. We don’t think Steve Fell victim to the pre-triathlon nerves:

2. Sounds like Josephine is new to the Windsor Triathlon:

3. There’s no need to be nervous Sarah-Jane, there’s only the Queen in town:

4. Raring to go:

5. I’m sure Liz was routing for you Pete:

6. Hope you weren’t this relaxed at the starting line:

7. Great to have the pros at registration on Saturday:

8. Good to see you were putting the hours in the day before the triathlon:

9. The more the merrier:

10. You’re never too old to take on a Triathlon:

11. Always great to be joined by Steve and other fellow Windsor Tri winners and pros:

12. It has to be done Alex! No pain no gain:

13. Her Majesty will be taking on the Olympic Distance next year, watch this space:

14. Medals and mates, a magical combo:

15. A medal never seems to lose its appeal:

16.There’s no better course to lose your triathlon virginity:

17. And in a great time too Ben:

18. Doesn’t look like you’ll be getting that medal back any time soon Daisy:

19. Whether it’s joy or relief finishing the Windsor Tri is a great feeling:

20. If his dad is anything to go by, he’ll be doing Triathlons in no time:

21. Thanks for showing us all how it’s done Stuart:

22. Well-deserved guys:

@ErdingerAF_UK Cheers! #WindsorTri25
— Jon (@Wriotsley) June 14, 2015

23. Good luck with becoming a dad Chris:

24. #FutureofWindsorTri:

25. Richard is a wise man:

We hope everybody who took part had a fantastic day. We would love to see many of you again in 2016 for the next Windsor Triathlon!