Team Lidl Blog: After the Lidl Kingston Breakfast Run

7th May 2015

I made it! And I had an even better time than I thought I would. I got a PB and am ever so proud of it, 1:07:09. Even when I trained for the Marathon I wasn’t that fast!

Running the Lidl Kingston Breakfast Run is always a pleasure and is a must for me every year by now. Even if I don’t run fast and achieve a new personal best, it’s a great way to practise for the London Marathon or just to run and challenge yourself. (Makes the training more interesting and pushes you out of the house).

The route is easy but also not boring. You have a few small hills and run past Hampton Court Palace, which is my favourite part of the run. At that point I normally get my boost and start running faster. You also get water soon after the Palace and that will give you a little breather before you can pick up your pace and motivation again.

Because my training didn’t really go how I planned, I honestly did not expect to run a personal best. I came down with the flu about 3 weeks before the run and never really picked it up from them. But I put in some more gym sessions instead of running to at least strengthen my legs and get some sort of exercise in. Nevertheless I was scared and very nervous on the morning of the race and all I wanted to do was run with my friends and enjoy the atmosphere.

On the morning of a run it is important to eat something! And that is what I always do. Where else would I get my energy from? Your body cannot run on empty, the muscles do need the fuel to be able to do the activity you want them to do, without giving up on you too early.

Many people eat porridge before the run, as it’s healthy and has the carbs you need to get you going. Maybe add a little bit of peanut butter or cut in a banana. I personally prefer a piece or 2 of Wholemeal toast with either peanut butter and jam or just jam. I have tried a lot of things over the past years and have figured out what helps me before a run. I also had a banana and a few sips of a high sugar energy drink to wake me up. Getting up that early is never easy for me but on race day it’s so exciting. I prepared my kit (T-shirt, number, shoe-chip, running leggings, etc) the night before, just to avoid any stress and last minute problems in the morning, plus it’s too early to remember all that. I was really very nervous the whole night and could not sleep properly. But once I saw my colleagues and friends I was fine and more calm.

The organisation of this event is always very good and even for people who forgot their chip or bib number, they have an information desk to get a new one.

This year we turned up really early, but I kept my bag until almost the last minute before I gave it in to bag drop. It was not the warmest of mornings and I just wanted to hold on to my cosy coat for as long as I could.

For many people again it was the first race they ever did and everyone told me that they loved it. Just like I did all these years ago. I do really miss something if I don’t do this run at least once per year.

Team Lidl Blog- After the Lidl Kingston Breakfast Run2

This year the run was sponsored by Lidl and we therefore got this great goody bag with products from Lidl and also a £5.00 to spend on anything in store.

The goody bag included:

  •  The famous Kingston Breakfast Run mug
  • One slap wrist band with the Lidl Kingston breakfast run logo
  • Vita Coco drink
  • “Deluxe” fruit and nut mix
  • “Simply Sumptuous” Luxury Fruit and Nut Muesli
  • “Bellarom” Chocolate
  • “Knightsbridge” tea bags
  • £5 Lidl voucher
  • Juice carton
  • Spatone Liquid Iron supplement

The next Human Race event I will be attending is the Run or Dye 5k. I so can’t wait as this will be something very different to what I have ever done today. But I do not expect a PB this time. (Hope many of you will be there too!?

Otherwise I guess I’ll see you all next year at the Human Race Kingston Breakfast Run. (They also do plenty of other challenges like this, so you do not have to wait 1 year to run, swim or cycle for your personal best).

Enjoy your training and the lovely weather to come.