Winter Riding Tips

15th September 2015

Our 10 top tips for riding in winter

Mornings get frosty and evenings are dark, so what can we do to stay safe and stay warm?

As always, Cycletta has the answers and here are some top tips to keep you on your bike during winter.

Tip 1:
Keep Energized. Cycling in cold conditions will burn up far more energy. A regular intake of water or an energy bar will keep you from falling asleep in those long boring meetings.

Tip 2:
Tyre Change. Choose a wide tyre with a thick tread for increased grip. Dual purpose tyres are ideal all year round, just in case you don’t enjoy changing your tyres.

Tip 3:
Helmet Lights. A light on your bike goes a long way to increasing people’s awareness of you, but unfortunately not all motorists or pedestrians will take notice. Double up your lights and make extra sure you are seen during these dark days. Available at all good bicycle shops (and some rubbish ones as well) starting from £10.

Tip 4:
Cycle Hump. We should all know that reflective clothing in the winter is a must as it gets dark very quickly, but something you may not have thought about it a Cycle Hump. It may not sound like much but a hump will keep you seen, clean and dry. In case you don’t know what this is, it is basically a reflective cover for you backpack. Designs vary but retail price won’t vary too far from £20.

Tip 5:
Bike maintenance. Make sure your bike is in perfect working condition. Brakes, gears, chain and all other fixings should be serviced preventing any scary surprises on the frosty roads.

Tip 6:
Cozy Rider. A good pair of gloves and a warm jacket will improve your cycling pleasure and keep the cold away. We strongly advise you purchase such items from a bicycle shop as they will be ideally made for cycling.

Tip 7:
Lip Salve. The cold will dry your skin very quickly so apply lip salve and moisturizer before or after you cycle.

Tip 8:
Steer Straight. Wherever possible avoid sharp speedy turns, minimalizing sliding risk.

Tip 9:
Pump It Up. The ideal tyre pressure in frosty conditions are between 30-40 psi. Although a little flatter than usual, it will increase grip.

Tip 10:
STAY MOTIVATED! Morning time gets a lot more difficult in the cold and it might take a little more determination to make the morning trip by bicycle. Taking the bus, car or train will only make you more sleepy on arrival to your destination. Embrace the exhilarating experience, stay fit, and arrive with a buzz. Plus this will help you get ready for Cycletta 2012 events!

Have we missed any?

If you think we’ve missed any top tips or you have your own advise for riding in the winter, we want you to let us know. You can share them with us and the other Cycletta participants on our Facebook page. Or, if you’d rather, tell us on Twitter.