Wattbike – How to Plan a Training Plan

16th September 2015

Why follow a training plan?

You’ve signed up for your event and have a few months to go until you reach the start line. Everyone has been telling you to start a training plan but you’re wondering if it’s really worth it. Surely a few hours on the road each week will be fine, won’t it?

The experts at Wattbike have written this article to show you the benefits of following a structured training plan, especially if you have a specific goal in mind, or time you want to beat.

Read on below to find out why you need a structured training plan and don’t forget, now is the perfect time to start.

The benefits of following a training plan

Whether you’re a beginner cyclist who has just signed up for your first sportive, or you’re a seasoned cyclist looking to improve, a training plan can bring many benefits including:

  1. Performance improvements: The number one reason most people follow a training plan is to improve their performance. Whilst you may be a regular rider or commuter, a sportive like the Dragon Ride or triathlon like the Windsor Triathlon requires a new level of effort and endurance which a training plan can develop.
  1. Structure and consistency: In a world where work, family and other commitments are eating away at your training time, a training plan offers structure and easy to follow sessions that slot seamlessly into your daily routine.
  1. Take the stress out of training: Having to think about what you’re doing each time you train and how it fits into your goal of completing a sportive can be stressful and time consuming. Following a training plan takes the stress away and saves precious time.

Try a Wattbike training plan

To capitalise on the above benefits, why not follow one of Wattbike’s 16 week training plans?

The plans have been designed by Wattbike sport scientist Eddie Fletcher, with a special one of triathlon plan courtesy of top triathlete Lucy Gossage. Find out more about each plan below:

Beginners Sportive Training Plan

This is the perfect plan if you’re completing your first sportive or you’re looking to regain fitness after a stint off the bike.

Active Cyclist’s Sportive Plan

If you’re cycling regularly but want to build endurance ahead of a tough sportive, this is the plan for you.

Lucy Gossage Triathlon Plan

This plan has been designed by top triathlete Lucy Gossage to help you train specifically for triathlon.

How to use the Wattbike training plans

If you don’t have a Wattbike, don’t worry! Whilst a Wattbike offers the most time efficient and effective method of training, you’ll find both indoor and outdoor versions of sessions so you can mix and match to create the perfect plan.

Don’t forget to work out your training zones before you start the plan, you can do this quickly and easily with the Wattbike online training zone calculator. When riding out on the road, follow your zones using either power meter readings or alternatively you can work in heart rate zones.

To find out more about the Wattbike and how it can help you improve your performance, visit Wattbike.