Trail Running

15th September 2015

Trail running can be an exciting challenge especially if you have found yourself starting to get bored of running on the road. Here are some tips for beginners:

Start Slow

No matter how long you’ve been running, trails can be a challenge for the body and the mind. As a beginner it’s important to start slow. Elevation, technical terrain and steep descents all contribute to making trails more challenging than the road. Be patient with your progress.

Pace Yourself

Speed takes a backseat to endurance when you’re a new runner on the trails. And pacing is the key to good endurance.Many people make the mistake of going out too fast, and burning out before the run is over.


It’s easy to get caught up in trail running and forget to balance your body with exercise. Cross-training will help you with recovery and injury prevention. Yoga and weights is a great addition to any runners training.

Have Fun

Trails are an exciting place for new runners. There are thrilling views, exciting courses and challenging climbs. Trails are a great place to test your limits and feel at home with nature.