Top Transition Tips from Mark Threlfall

16th September 2015

We’ve compiled the top 10 transition tips from Zoot UK’s Professional Triathlete and Coach, Mark Threlfall. Take a look at the list below to make sure you’re not missing out on race day!

  1. First thing is to make a list. Geeky I know, but how often have you travelled to a race worrying that you’ve forgotten something? It takes that stress away. I use the Zoot Performance Transition bag that has a handy list already written for you inside the bag.
  2. Less is more. Don’t clutter your transition area; just have the essentials to make it quick and easy.
  3. There is nothing worse than having a great race to then run past your bike in transition and waste valuable seconds. Make a conscious note of where your transition spot is. Maybe use something obvious that it is in line with, like a tree or big banner. This is where Zoot shoes come in to their element with their bright colours; there is no missing them.
    Top Transition Tips from Mark Threlfall2
  4. Practice, practice, practice. Get used to clipping your helmet on and off. Get comfortable with your preferred mount and dismount techniques.
  5. Put your bike in a sensible gear so that you can jump on and whizz away effortlessly.
  6. Where are the mount and dismount lines? Get accustomed to the transition layout and where you’re required to mount and dismount.
  7. Kick your legs a little more than usual in the last couple of hundred metres. This helps the blood flow to the legs so you’re ready to run from the water to transition without jelly legs.
  8. Undo your wetsuit and pull it down to your hips straight away whilst you’re running. THEN take your goggles off. Do it the other way around and your hands are full so it makes the wetsuit removal a bit tricky.
  9. Don’t panic. Calmly put your helmet on. Don’t try rushing it as it’s more likely you’ll screw it up and waste time.
  10. I’d suggest ditching the socks for anything up to an Olympic. Use a bit of talc to help the shoes slip on with damp feet, and Vaseline inside the shoe on those abrasive areas. Better yet, just use a pair of Zoots with their sockless inner lining making them the ultimate triathlon shoes!