Top 10 triathlon tips

6th March 2017

Hampstead Triathlon ClubWhether 2017 marks your first triathlon or your 21st, it’s important to have a clear training plan for the months ahead. Hampstead Triathlon Club have put together a top 10 of their triathlon preparation tips for the Woburn Abbey Triathlon. They are a triathlon club based in Hampstead, London who formed in 2012 and welcome triathletes of all ages and abilities. To find out more about them, including their plentiful weekly programs, visit their website.

  1. Stick to your training plan. It’s important to follow a structured training plan so that you can prepare your body efficiently for the three disciplines – this will help prevent injury as you won’t be cramming or overtraining and you’ll be able to test your progress on a regular basis.
  2. Join a club – having the company and support of others is invaluable. There are plenty of triathlon clubs across the country who cater for all ages and abilities, and it’s a good idea to go for a trial session with a few clubs to see which training style and calendar works best for you.
  3. Whether you’re a first timer or an age category champion, it’s a good idea to get a coach. They’ll be able to talk through your individual goals, offer a tailored plan to suit your needs and coach you in specific sessions.
  4. Change your running shoes regularly, around every 300 – 350 miles, to maximise support and help prevent injury.
  5. Do strength and conditioning sessions to supplement the cardio-based swimming, cycling and running. These sessions will strengthen your muscles and improve your stamina.
  6. Practice open water swimming. If you haven’t swum outside before, it’s important to get used to this – most triathletes much prefer outdoor swimming, as it’s much more liberating than lane swimming!
  7. Always warm up, cool down and stretch after sessions.
  8. Do brick sessions as part of your training – this is where you combine two or more disciplines one after the other, such as a 25 min bike ride followed immediately by a 15 min run. Brick sessions help get your body used to switching immediately from one discipline to another.
  9. Include recovery days in your weekly training plan and have one full rest day a week. Recovery is when your muscles repair and grow after training sessions so it’s an important part of training not to be skipped.
  10. Keep your bike in good working order for safety purposes and to avoid any last minute panics!

We hope these tips will help you prepare for tri for life presents Woburn Abbey Triathlon, which takes place on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 September. To find out more and secure your place, visit the event page.