Stephen Roche Tips for Beginners

15th September 2015
  1. Be seen – Make sure you clothing is reflective and even in daylight make sure to wear bright colours.
  2. Don’t neglect the bike – Make sure to keep you bike clean. A dirty bike can hide dangerous problems like a frayed brake cable. Make sure the bike is well maintained and clean.
  3. Take advice on clothing – don’t just buy the first one off the shelf. Take advice on it and don’t be afraid to put an extra pound into it because it’s comfort and could be the difference between a person sticking to the sport or giving it up. Shorts, jerseys and the saddle is very important. If you have an expensive bike and a bad saddle it’s no good.
  4. Don’t forget the headgear – never go out without a helmet and gloves. It improves comort and offers protection if you do fall off.
  5. Get a medical check-up before you start cycling – Make sure that you are healthy before going out riding. If you are going to train a lot it is very important to get a full medical from the doctor.