Moving up from Sprint to Olympic distance triathlons

16th September 2015

For most making the move to Olympic distance triathlons can seem like a huge step. The increase in distance can seem significant but with extra training and dedication, completing your first Olympic distance triathlon will feel like a massive accomplishment.

As a general guideline your pace for an Olympic 10k shouldn’t be much slower than 7 percent from your open 10K time. As a rule of thumb for Olympic distance triathlons the distance goes up and intensity down. Working on the bike pacing will help. Far too many people ride much too hard in an Olympic distance event just to implode on the run.

You should operate at a notch higher in effort but you should always be able to push a bit harder for that last third. In the last third, you should be pushing into a tempo effort. Getting off the bike, you want to be able to run using your ‘all day pace’. If you can get off the bike feeling good, you’ve increased your chances of having a solid run tenfold.