40-60k Training Plan – Novice Rider

15th September 2015

Kerry Bircher is an enthusiastic and inspiring Personal Trainer and British Cycling coach. Kerry’s coaching career led to the development of RevolutionCycling.co.uk and evolved from her passion for all things fitness, giving up a marketing profession to provide women with the opportunity to get fitter, healthier and more confident as cyclists.

This training plan is ideal if you are relatively new to cycling, or haven’t turned the pedals for a few years.

The training plans are carefully structured and designed to allow you to fit your training around work, family and a life outside of cycling. Remember that at the start of any new fitness pursuit, it’s important to be patient and gradually build up your training, and by the end of the 8 weeks you should be ready to tackle a 40km route (or even 60km with some grit and determination).

Enjoy your training!

Phase 1

Route: Choose a flat(ish), paved route.
Goal: To be able to cycle for 1.5 hours comfortably, or 25km.

Macmillan Cycletta Training Plan - Novice Rider

Phase 2

Route: A mainly flat route with a couple of gentle, rolling hills.
Goal: You should be able to cycle for 2 ½ hours steady, or a 40-60km route!

Macmillan Cycletta Training Plan - Novice Rider2