How to get your bike to the event

15th September 2015

To get your bike in the car

Firstly, take the front wheel off and put your bike on the back seats of your car. A good tip is to think about putting a sheet down to stop dirt getting on back seats.

A fast and hassle free way of getting your front tire off is with the use of a quick release skewer for your front wheel, this means that you will easily be able to take it off.

There are a number of different apparatus which can be fitted to your car to help transport you bike which we have listed below. For safety reasons, stoplights, tail lights and vehicle indicators must not be obscured by the rack or bicycles.

Roof racks


  • They’re up out of the way and you can still open your boot
  • No need to mess around with moving your number plate or buying a new one


  • You might forget them and drive under a car port

Tow-bar racks


  • Hang away from the car and scratch it less


  • You need a number plate attached to the rack (either a special bike one or move your car one there when you are using the rack)

Rear of car hanging (portable) racks


  • Hang via a series of straps from the boot or rear window
  • The rack is supported on the car via rubber mounts so not to damage the car


  • You have to attach a number plate to it for whichever car it’s on

Public Transport

For public transport please check with your service provider before you travel with your bike. You may have to pre-warn them that you are planning to bring a bike with you and there may be a limit to how many bikes can be allowed on at any one time.