5 Essential pre-ride checks

15th September 2015

Liv, Giant’s dedicated women’s bike brand, have pulled together a guide on the 5 essential pre-ride checks. Adapt these safety checks into your routine before you set off and reduce the chance of cutting that long awaited weekend ride short.

Tyre pressure

A common mistake to make, but failing to inflate your tyres to the right PSI can result in increased drag making riding more difficult than it should, or worse, a pinch flat. Avoid a roadside disaster by using a track pump with a pressure gauge to check the tyres and inflate before you set off.


The drivetrain is the heartbeat of your bike, so make sure you look after it! A clean and well lubed chain can help prevent problems occurring, plus it will increase the life span of your cassette and other parts, saving you money long term.


5 Essential pre-ride checks2

Going fast is fun, but being able to stop is even better! A quick test of the brakes before you set off can help prevent accidents occurring. It’s also advisable to check for brake rub, where one of the brake pads is pushed against the rim which increases drag and wears out the pads and rim quicker.

Weather forecast

Not mechanical related, but a definite must before any long ride – check the weather! There’s nothing worse than having the bike set up perfectly only to have to return early due to a sudden change in temperature. Check the weather ahead and pack any additional items of clothing accordingly.


Double check you have the right amount of fuel for the ride ahead, with enough carbohydrates to get you through your planned mileage. Leaving without the right energy can have a disastrous effect later in the ride and can be easily avoided!