3 quick and easy checks to have your bike running like new

15th September 2015

Have you got your bike out for the summer and found it’s not quite running as it should? These 3 points will be able to help you identify the troublesome area and have you back out on your bike in no time.

3 quick and easy checks to have your bike running like new2

1) Tyres

The main point of contact between you and the ground, therefore they should be sufficiently looked after and checked. Don’t take the ‘fit and forget’ approach! If the rubber is looking worn or there are chunks missing from the tyre, then it could be time to upgrade. A smooth rolling tyre will improve your speed, increase your grip and improve your safety as the tyre will be less likely to fail.

2) Chain

The chain is an incredibly important part of your bike, yet probably gets the least attention. A quick 5 minute check and you can have your motor in tip top shape. A build-up of winter dirt will not only look wrong, but it will negatively affect the performance as well.

A quick application of degreaser and lubrication afterwards will have the chain looking, and performing, like new.

3) Brakes

If you haven’t checked your brakes since you got the bike, the chances are the pads could be worn and not working effectively. Either take your wheel off or remove the brake pad to check for wear. A strong groove or noticeable thinning will indicate the pads are worn and need replacing. A new set of brake pads are incredibly cheap, easy to replace and will decrease your stopping time, meaning you can brake later and harder.

These three points are the common areas that need checking regularly. By performing simple maintenance checks before and after rides, it will keep your bike running smoother for longer and reducing the chances of failing, especially on Macmillan Cycletta day!

If you feel like your bike needs some extra special attention, why not book a pre Macmillan Cycletta service at one of the Liv brand stores? They’ll have your bike feeling like new and means you can have fun on the day without worrying about mechanical failures!  To find your nearest Liv brand store click here.