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Human Race Swimming Intermediate


Open Water Swimming Intermediate

On this page you will find a range of advice and tips from our partners and experts in various areas of event preparation, from nutrition and training through to recommended events. Take your time to read through the content and if you have any specific questions you can always visit our FAQ page or contact us on Facebook or Twitter.

Events Recommended for Intermediate Open Water Swimmers

Previous Next
Open Water Swim Seminar 1 Saturday 17th May 2014 Dorney Lake, Berkshire Read more
Open Water Swim Seminar 2 Saturday 24th May 2014 Dorney Lake, Berkshire Read more
Financial Times Eton Swim Bank Holiday Monday 26th May 2014  Dorney Lake, Berkshire Read more
Windsor Swim Sunday 1st June 2014 Windsor, Berkshire Read more
WomenOnly Swim Sunday 6th July 2014 Dorney Lake, Berkshire Read more
Hampton Court Swim Sunday 20th July 2014 Hampton Court, Surrey Read more
Marlow Swim Sunday 24th August 2014 Marlow, Buckinghamshire Read more
Poole Swim Saturday 27th September 2014 Poole, Dorset Read more


Get the best out of your training
Get the best out of your training

Here at Human Race we want every one of our participants to be the best they can be and to support your event journey from enquiry through to completion and beyond. During this period it’s important that no matter what your goal we help to provide relevant training advice.

Year-Round Swimming Fitness - Part 2
Year-Round Swimming Fitness - Part 2

In the previous article, Swim for Tri's Dan Bullock looked at how to structure a personalised swim session. Here, he discusses in more detail how such regimens might look, how to swim them and potential pitfalls to beware…

Year-Round Swimming Fitness - Part 1
Year-Round Swimming Fitness - Part 1

Pool swimming over the winter doesn’t have to be a season of repetitive lengths and counting tiles, says swimming coach Dan Bullock. Here in the first of a three-part series, he explains how to maintain your technique and fitness while you can’t swim outside.



PowerBar Q & A
PowerBar Q & A

1. What sort of products do I need for my event? You need adequate fluid and energy. Sports drinks which are based on a carbohydrate-electrolyte solution contribute to the maintenance of endurance performance and enhance the absorption of water during prolonged exercise. Carbohydrate rich foods...

PowerBar Nutrition Guide
PowerBar Nutrition Guide

Getting to the finishing line faster needs successful training supported by the right nutrition In order to keep up the pace and achieve a strong finish the body must be supplied with the right amount of fluid and nutrients during an endurance competition. A balanced and healthy diet will give...



Hydration and Performance
Hydration and Performance

By Anita Bean BSc RNutr - Human Race Hydration Expert During exercise, staying hydrated is crucial for achieving peak performance. It may surprise you to know that about 75 per cent of the energy you put into exercise is converted into heat, and is then lost. This extra heat has to be dissipated...



Our Wetsuit Partner blueseventy answers some common wetsuit questions
Our Wetsuit Partner blueseventy answers some common wetsuit questions

Here are some answers to the most common questions about wetsuits from our wetsuit partner blueseventy! WHY WEAR A TRIATHLON WETSUIT Triathlon wetsuits are made for the express purpose of surface swimming. They were originally introduced to maintain warmth when swimming in cold open water and...

Garmin Swim
Garmin Swim

Garmin Swim Stop counting laps — let Garmin Swim™ do the maths. Garmin’s new swimming watch logs your distance, pace, stroke count and stroke type and includes free online analysis, storage and sharing at Garmin Connect™. Garmin Swim also has advanced features for timed sets and logging drills,...


Panel of Experts

Simon Griffiths Simon Griffiths is the founder and editor of H2Open, the world’s first dedicated open water swimming magazine. A keen swimmer and multi-sport athlete, Simon... Read more
Anita Bean "During exercise, staying hydrated is crucial for achieving peak performance. It may surprise you to know that about 75 per cent of the energy you put into... Read more
John Brame "I started RG Active with another triathlete, Dermott Hayes, over 5 years ago. It was originally something both Dermott and myself did alongside other jobs... Read more
Victoria Pendleton "Cycling has been my passion since I was a child. Through the Cycletta Series I want to inspire women to join me and cycle; as a hobby, a sport, a way to get... Read more
Stephen Roche "While it is a very hard and sometimes very cruel profession, my love for the bike remains as strong now as it was in the days when I first discovered it. I... Read more
John Lunt "I did my first triathlon in 1984. The following year I raced at five more events and it went from there. Ater racing in the Nice triathlon in 1986 I went on... Read more
Martin Yelling Martin Yelling (PhD) has a background in endurance coaching and performance. A former international runner, elite multisport athlete and Hawaii Ironman... Read more
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