About the event

Many cyclists learnt to ride a bike as a kid and may have even taken a test to enable them to do so – remember the yellow badge from Cycle Proficiency Tests or today’s far inferior Bikeability certificates?¬† Whilst these tests taught students valuable lessons around the Highway Code, it did not necessarily teach racing or riding for triathlon or sportives. ¬†Plus, learning to ride on a 3-speed Chopper or a 6-Speed Raleigh did not necessarily provide the skills required for taking on an event on today’s bikes. This half-day course will include classroom and practical sessions aimed at beginner and intermediate cyclists who want to learn more about how to ride a bike more efficiently under race conditions.

The course will cover the following:

  • Bike setup (ensuring the cyclist is in the most efficient position for cycling)
  • Changing gears (when to change, how to change, what gear to be in on the flat vs. going uphill & downhill)
  • Cycling in a group
  • Nutrition and hydration while riding
  • Simple bike checks to ensure your bike is fit for purpose every time you use it
  • Simple bike maintenance such as fixing a basic puncture
  • Cleats – what are they and how do you choose between the different styles?

Event Benefits

  • Suitable for beginners and intermediate cyclists
  • Gain extra confidence ahead of your next triathlon or sportive
  • Get expert advice on bike maintenance and setup

Travel & Accommodation


The event will be held at the Olympic rowing venue for the 2012 Olympic Games.

Full on-site parking means you can come and go while the event is taking place, we have showers and toilets aplenty and there is catering in the Boathouse.

Detailed Road, Rail and Taxi Instructions HERE