Corporate Entries

Here’s how the Corporate Clash Series works:

  • Companies/employees can enter teams of 5 participants or more into any of these events
  • Teams will be eligible for some really cool prizes based on different competition concepts at each event
  • Prize categories will be divided into three; Small, Medium and Large sized organisation (Starting at the London Winter Run 2018)
  • Each event will have a specific area for meeting, relaxing and networking, only available to Corporate Clash Teams
  • Further experiences such as VIP meals and celebrity meet and greets will be available at some events

Human Race can help businesses with the following key points:

  • Get staff fitter & healthier
  • Mental & social well-being
  • Networking & engagement opportunities
  • Team building across diverse business units
  • CSR & charity fundraising opportunities
  • Creating a point of difference for businesses

You can enter as a Corporate Clash team in any of the following events in the form below (click on the event name for detailed event info):

Please note that we can accommodate corporate teams of all sizes across any other Human Race event. For more information or to sign up for the Corporate Clash and all other Human Race events, fill out the information required in the form below and a member of our corporate team will be in touch shortly.