Your equipment, insured

30th November 2016

We recommend Yellow Jersey cycle insurance, whose cover can be purchased for a single event or for a whole year. Here are a few of the policy benefits:

  • Crash damage cover for your bike and equipment. Triathletes often invest in expensive equipment – multiple bikes, deep section wheels, possibly even a power meter. YJ can cover this for you. Crash damage is likely excluded on your home insurance and almost certainly if you’re competing, but with Yellow Jersey you’re covered up to the full value with no depreciation, however old your bike.
  • Transition Area Cover: You have to leave your valuable equipment in the transition area before you start, sometimes the night before. YJ protects you against this risk.
  • Wetsuit Cover (optional): Kit can go missing in busy transition areas. Lost or stolen – YJ can replace this vital piece of kit for you.
  • 60% off your second (or more) bikes: We know that most triathletes will have more than one bike. YJ supply cover for all your additional bikes including your family fleet.

Use the Human Race event code to receive a 5% discount when you visit Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance.