Wattbike’s Top 10 Tips on Preparing for Your First Sportive

1st December 2015

If you’re planning on completing your first sportive this year, there are a few top tips and tricks you can use to make the whole experience more enjoyable. Here, the experts at Wattbike share their top 10 tips to make sure you arrive at the start line ready and raring to go.

  1. Perfect your technique

The start of any training plan will be less intense at the beginning, these low intensity sessions offer the perfect opportunity to focus on your pedalling technique which will deliver improved power output and more speed. Discover how to improve your pedalling technique here.

  1. Get your bike fit right

A correctly fitting bike has many benefits, including injury prevention, comfortable riding and less wasted effort. When you’re completing a long sportive, bike fit is one of the most important aspects of staying comfortable whilst in the saddle for long hours. Now is the perfect time to check your position and sort any niggling problems, doing so will ensure you’re training in the correct position which will make you more comfortable on race day.

  1. Remember the warm up

A warm up can increase your muscle and core temperature and more importantly, it can help you focus and get mentally ready for the race or challenge ahead. It’s as important to warm up for a training session as it is to warm up on race day. All you need is 5-10 minutes of slow pedalling (80-90rpm) to get ready for the session ahead. Learn the basics about warming up here.

  1. The importance of rest and recovery

If you’re following one of Wattbike’s training plans, you’ll notice that there are at least two rest days each week. It’s important to incorporate these rest days into your week as they will ensure your body has time to rest and recover, meaning you’ll wake up refreshed and ready for your next session and ultimately get more from your training time.

  1. Lacking motivation or time? Take it indoors

Are you lacking motivation in the final weeks leading up the event? Or perhaps work and family schedules have got on top of your and you’re not training as much as you’d like. If you’ve been riding out on the road, it might be time to take things indoors. The change of scenery could help kick-start your motivation and the efficiency of some indoor trainers means you can actually spend less time on the bike for the same training outcome.

  1. Remember to tapering your training

When you reach two weeks to go until the big event, it’s the perfect time to start tapering your training. Tapering helps you peak at the right time and will help you feel fresh and ready to take on the challenge. To find out how to taper your training, click here.

  1. When packing your kit, think about your power to weight ratio

You’ll have spent the last few months increasing your power to improve your power to weight ratio, when it comes to packing the essentials for your sportive don’t ruin it all by packing everything but the kitchen sink. This added weight could make you climbs harder and your sportive less enjoyable overall. To find out more about your power to weight ratio, click here.

  1. Always be prepared

Whilst we do recommend you pack light, we also can’t say enough about being prepared for all eventualities. The team at Wattbike have been caught out too many times by less than kind weather, so make sure you consider each item you pack and how it can be used to keep you warm and dry in every condition.

  1. Whatever happens, keep a positive attitude

It’s all about a positive attitude! Whatever has happened during your training, whether you feel you’re feeling underprepared or you’ve been hampered by injury, a positive attitude will help you get through the day and once you finish you’ll know it was all worth it.

  1. Enjoy the ride

The most important tip we could give is to enjoy the ride. It might be hard in parts, but once you’ve completed your first sportive, it’s likely that your sense of achievement will be immense!

To find out more about the Wattbike and how it can help you improve your performance, visit Wattbike.