Do I need bike insurance?

11th September 2018

By Alice Hector Triathlon & Events Ambassador at

Did you know more than 100,000 bikes are stolen every year in the UK? No matter the strength of your lock, bikes are still easy pickings for the trained criminal.

If you own a bike or five, chances are they’re worth a fair bit of money. You’ll want to protect them, but damage and theft are sometimes out of your control. You’re also a vulnerable road user when cycling, so accidents and personal injury may unfortunately occur. Taking all this into consideration, it’s a wise idea to financially protect both yourself and your bikes, and this is where specialist insurance can be your saviour! Here’s all you need to know…

Is it covered on my Home Insurance?

Home insurance may or may not cover your bikes, so first up, check that your policy not only covers them, but covers them for what they’re worth. Should your bike be stolen or damaged whilst you’re out and about, chances are your home policy won’t cover you from anywhere outside the home.

Some home insurance bike limits can be up to £1500 (occasionally even more) but as low as £350. So you bought a £355 bike, you’re not covered unless you pay an additional premium.

Home Insurance rarely covers accidental damage. That is like insuring your car but only when it is on the driveway!

Choose a Specialist Cycling Insurance Provider

With many standard bikes costing over £500, and super bikes several thousand, it’s vital you match up your insurance package with your bike’s value.

The beauty of using a specialist company is that you have peace of mind when it comes to your beloved velocipede. Specific insurance will offer you additional extras such as public liability and personal accident cover across the spectrum of commuting, training, travelling and competitions.

Specialist bike cover ensures you won’t be left standing either, as should your bike be lost, stolen or damaged, you’ll be provided with a hire bike, meaning you can carry on your activities uninterrupted whilst you wait for your repair or replacement.

So hands up, I am the Triathlon Ambassador at PedalSure. But before I signed up I was not aware of how underinsured my bike(s) were and myself as a rider. What’s more is as I travel for events, I now know that their travel and competition option has me fully covered.

PedalSure offers Theft & Accidental damage as standard and also covers Sportive use at no additional cost. There are options you can add to customise your quote which also means you are not paying for the ones you don’t need.
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To summarise:

  • With Public Liability, if you are involved in an accident, and you or someone else is injured, you’re covered.
  • If your bike is stolen or damaged away from the home, you’re covered.
  • With Travel extension, if your prized possession gets manhandled or lost when travelling, you’re covered.
  • If you compete in triathlon, you can now also get yourself covered for the swim and bike.
  • Specialist insurance can include physio and dental bills, as well as loss of earnings.

Invest wisely in order to protect both yourself and your bike, and ensure you are left to simply burn rubber, not money.