Buying the right bike and getting started

16th September 2015

When you are considering purchasing a bicycle it is important to choose a bike that is suited to the type of riding you will be doing. For example, if you intend to ride on the road, a bike that is lightweight will help the miles fly past. The staff at your local bike shop will help you identify the correct type of bike.

When choosing gear and accessories to accompany your new ride you must buy a helmet. Along with a mini pump for your tyres this should form the essential basis of your kit. When it comes to clothing, choose comfort over style and try to ensure that you have some high visibility clothing especially if you plan on riding at night and in dark conditions. Standing out whilst you cycle is not a bad thing! Other accessories to invest in when you start out cycling include a lock, puncture repair kit and spare inner tubes. You should always leave your bike locked up when unattended and punctures even happen to the best and most experienced riders. Practice makes perfect when it comes to puncture repair so make sure you have a go at taking off your wheel and tyre before you ride over that first thorn!

All beginner cyclists should get themselves familiar with the Highway Code. The rules apply to cyclists as well as drivers and a full understanding of how the roads work for cyclists will mean you are prepared and safe.

It may seem obvious, but fully learning how your gears work when you first buy your bike will mean you are better prepared when you tackle that first hill!

All beginners should learn some basic bike care and maintenance – not only will this help keep all of your components operating smoothly but it will also help prevent any aesthetic problems such as rust and colour fading.